Please Stop My Divorce – I Do not Want My Marriage to End


If you are at a point in your life where your marriage is breaking apart and you are headed for divorce but do not want it to happen then please take heart. You are not alone. There are many, many people who have been in your situation and have found a way to stop their divorce and save their marriage. Sure, there are others who were not able to stop their divorce but they lived through it and are much happier now that it is over.

But if you are still saying "stop my divorce" then you should know there are things you can do to stop the divorce if it's already in progress or to prevent a relationship from even moving to the idea of ​​divorce.

One of the tools you can use to slow down the march toward "divorcedom" is to seek out the help and advice of a marriage counselor. Most of them have excellent training and the skills you need to help stop your divorce or at the very least help you realize that maybe you should not stop the divorce. Either way you will be OK

Even if your situation is one of infidelity on the part of your partner these marriage counselors have been down that road and know exactly what to do to help. They can help you with the depression associated with this kind of marriage problem too.

And this does not have to be an expensive proposition. You will be able to find many good choices for you to use to get excellent relationship advice. Just take action and get some good advice because the longer you wait the worse things can get and the more opportunity you have to make all the wrong moves and drive your partner straight to a divorce attorney.

In the meantime, here are some tips to help you make it through and avoid a divorce lawyer:

1) Refrain from arguing over the situation. It will only make things worse. You can not force your spouse to feel differently about the possibility of divorce. Do not fight with your spouse – fight against the separation.

2) Do not tell them how wrong they are. First, no one wants to be told they are wrong and second, by refusing to discuss what is wrong you leave the door open for them to see what is right.

3) Do not be defensive. Find the truth in whatever they are saying to you and try to agree with it. The more you can agree the closer you will get toward calmly stopping your divorce. By finding the points you can agree on your spouse will see that you are serious about making things right.

4) Listen. Just listen to what your spouse is saying to you. Let them get some steam off so the situation can be diffused. Show them that you care enough to refrain from reacting.

These are only a few small suggestions. There are other things you can do to help stop your divorce. But you must take action. If you are willing to act and stop talking about it then you
have a good chance to save your marriage []


Source by Marcy Cook